Supported by Globally Acclaimed Studio Strategist, Chantelle Bruinsma
CEO + Founder, Studio Expansion Pty Limited
Over the past few months we have seen studio owners bounce back to their enrollment numbers prior to COVID-19 and beyond.

Right now is not only the golden time to secure your re-enrolments for 2021 but to roll out a clear marketing campaign that will achieve what many studio owners dream of... reaching capacity!

I am going to share with you exactly what I have provided to my private clients so they can exceed their 2021 enrolments with ease. It is called The Perfect Ad Template.

Get your copy of The Perfect Ad Template now. Best of all... it is FREE!
A simple yet effective marketing template hundreds of studio owners have used to achieve outstanding results.
A plug and play resource which can be used straight away on social media or via email to enrol those much needed students.
Tips on how to secure your re-enrolments before the new year period, which will allow you to assess your demand for marketing.
Access to our free live weekly mentoring sessions with Team Expansion's highly trained Studio Strategists.

If you can roll up your sleeves and lean in heavily within the 6-8 weeks prior to your first week of 2021 lessons, your enrolment results will be outstanding. 

Now is the time to bounce back from lockdown and get your classes to capacity.

THE Practical Tools YOU NEED RIGHT NOW, only for studio owners....

P.S. We are so fortunate that our beloved industry can now reopen their studios in Australia and New Zealand and connect back with students we may have lost during lockdown. We also are in a very unique position where if lean in we can secure our highest enrolment numbers yet.
I have seen it with many of my private clients and is why I am providing you this template for free.
You are not alone. As a community are overcoming this. Together we will rise. 
Chantelle xx

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